The Brady Bunch

Klarg and the Goblin Hideout

Adventure 2 (Klarg and the Goblin Hideout)

Everyone first went up to the cave and dealt with the 2 guards (Vic and Rolo were injured). They found the wolves and Einkill went up the chimney while Lia found the wooden bridge and the guard. They convinced Kurg to help the team kill Klarg by convincing his goblin friends to turn a blind eye. After Kurg and his goblin friends moved to the living quarters, Vic and Rolo went up the chimney to surprise Klarg, while the others went past the pools and to the entrance of Klarg’s room.

The fight mostly consisted of the main group leading the two groups out while Vic and Rolo take care of Klarg. Vic and Rolo manage to kill Klarg and escape down the chimney, while the other three killed the two goblins. The last goblin was killed just in time, as he was going to release the first waterfall. The whole group then took care of Klarg’s wolf and looted the place. They have Klarg’s head ready to give to Kurg as proof.

They took a long rest and when they woke up and started heading to the bridge, they encountered Yeemik, Kurg with Sildar, and two other goblins. Yeemik asked for 50 gold in exchange for Sildar. Einkill led two goblins to the entrance of Klarg’s area then the group attacked and quickly killed them all. They then explored the rest of the cave but left the remaining 12 goblins behind.

They head back to the Triboar trail and go to Phandalin, arriving there in the early morning without any incident. They also all reached level 2.

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